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Thread: Cherie Blair aka Booth and The Sun

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    Cherie Blair aka Booth and The Sun

    Cherie Blair/Booth's autobiography has received massive attention mainly due to her reluctance to take contraceptives to Balmoral and her consequent pregnancy ... Throughout the publicity interviews for the book she makes much of her Liverpool working class background and the struggles of 'making good' in the highly competitive upper-middle class world of 'The Law'. Also at the forefront of her PR is her commitment to justice as a 'human rights lawyer' ... er, ehm, so where does serialisation in The Times and The Sun fit with all this? Surely she must have realised that taking substantial serialisation payments from Murdoch's Empire, not least The Sun, would compound the hurt of many within her 'home' city. Doesn't she make the pretty obvious connection between the injustices and rights abuses of those whose she represents in court and the injustices and rights abuses of Hillsborough? Unbelievable. On second thoughts, not! Phil.

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    Good point Phil and one I wouldnt have noticed to be honest.

    Maybe she was too busy making good to remember?

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    She is no relation - honest !!
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