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Thread: Your team v Southampton - League cup

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kop On Portugal View Post
    For what i could see the last game in Sunday fron ge youngsters i think Stewart deserve a chance and i put him in my midfield against Southampton.

    Clyne . Lovren . Klavan . Milner
    Wijnaldum . Stewart . Can
    Firmino . Sturridge . Lallana
    Yeah I like that one - wouldn't be surprised if you've only got 6 players correct compared to what Klopp picks but I'd go with that.
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    Arnold Lovren Gomez Moreno
    Wiji Stewart Can
    Origi Sturridge Woodburn

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    SUBS: Manninger, Gomez, TAA, Lucas, Wodburn, Coutinho, Lallana.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CCTV View Post
    Wtf are you on about lol. If you want to bump that thread go ahead. As memory serves I had responded to your post last and simply had asked you 1 simple question, which you haven't/couldn't answer/ed. Yet I don't want to discuss it ? Having responded to you , while you don't offer anything. (Repeatedly).

    Now it's one last time your asking me about soton and manu, as if you'd asked in that thread (you didn't) or repeatedly here (a first).

    I've made my opinion clear. I'd pick most of the first team to build up some rythym for Sunday. Centremid being the area I'd use least of Wiji, Lallana & Hendo (if available).
    Imo after a 9? day break, playing most Wednesday and then Sunday should be fine after their break.

    Again, I think the lads have had a nice little break after Sunderland to refresh after the December fixtures. Don't you think that's what Klopp has done?

    Now if you want to discuss it further, bump that thread and offer up an opinion, position or answer.
    The focus of my question is on you suggesting we play the same team in the 2 games this week i.e. the team you proposed earlier in this thread. The very same team you said was suffering from mental/physical fatigue, in the other thread. Presumably the same team you'd expect to play most of the 6 remaining games, this month:

    Southampton v Liverpool - Wed 11 Jan
    Manchester United v Liverpool - Sun 15 Jan
    Plymouth Argyle v Liverpool - Wed 18 Jan
    Liverpool v Swansea City - Sat 21 Jan
    Liverpool v Southampton - Wed 25 Jan
    Liverpool v Chelsea - Tue 31 Jan

    If the team was physically and mentally tired before, as you claimed, then why flog them this month? Won't they just get more and more tired? Or, why would it have been a factor before and not now?

    It's becoming abundantly clear that you don't want to discuss the tiredness idea any further, which is bizarre. You brought it up, you should be prepared to defend it.

    My opinion is clear. It's a load of horseshit. I said as much on the other thread. Of course, the issue with refuting bullshit, is that it requires 10 times the effort of spouting it.
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    I haven't suggested playing the same team in both games. I've explained my team , mostly first teamers V soton and full first team v manu.

    The plymouth game will be the same line up imo that is not first teamers. A weeks rest after united to then play 3 games in 11 days. Not bad after 9 days of rest post Sunderland.

    I posted in that thread about how imo its a case of peaks and troughs. And i expect us to get back upto speed soon. Energy levels dip and rise over the season, even while he workload can remain rather consistent.
    You seem to be unable to grasp the concept that while playing over a season a teams energy levels can rise, drop , rise again. I don't know what your views on this are tbh.

    I've no problem discussing it, just BUMP that thread and discuss it there rather than hijacking lots of threads.

    Again though no answer to a simple question. Its as obvious as fook Klopp used the plymouth game to rest players.
    Clearly Klopp is thinking the few days for R&R will benefit his mainstay of first teamers. To rejuvenate them.

    Anyway unless your bumping that thread I won't be replying.
    I believe you dodged some reposts in that thread also as you've dodged questions.
    Like those in Europe playing twice a week , whereas only united have played 6 more games than us over 4 and a bit/half months.
    Or other tangents of discussion.

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    TAA Lovren Klavan Moreno
    Grujic Can
    Sturridge Firmino

    Cameo for Coutinho and Matip.

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    Liverpool: Karius, Clyne, Lovren, Klavan, Milner, Can, Lucas, Wijnaldum, Lallana, Firmino, Sturridge. Subs: Mignolet, Moreno, Coutinho, Gomez, Origi, Stewart, Woodburn.
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    Good team, glad it looks as if Lucas is going to be the holding central midfielder, Can is hopeless there.
    Excellent to see Phil on the bench.

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    Yes I agree the holding role is a specialist position to me. Can is much better running forward..
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    Quote Originally Posted by miller0863 View Post
    Good team, glad it looks as if Lucas is going to be the holding central midfielder, Can is hopeless there. Excellent to see Phil on the bench.
    Will you still feel that way if Lucas gives away yet another free kick in a dangerous position that leads to a goal?

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